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Environment is changing, we need to learn and compete

Mobius helps to build the confidence, skills & expertise in teams

My people need to understand and use newer approaches

Mobius helps you to strengthen your change driven outlook, by engaging and aligning your people

I am Looking for change management

Mobius helps your people to become willing and ready to move from ‘knowing’ & ‘doing’ to ‘initiating’

I want new ideas to hit my ambitious business plan.

Mobius helps you with design thinking approach to explore strategies that are desirable, feasible & viable. Gather the skills to generate quick ideas and rapidly test them to identify great solutions

I want innovation to be a part of my organizational culture

Mobius helps you pursue a human centered approach for deep understanding of people & their problems that provokes unique & effective solutions. This can make innovation to become an instinctive part of everyday culture

Am in search of deep insights

Mobius helps your people to employ user research techniques to uncover unarticulated needs to hone your customer value proposition



A day-long workshop on fundamentals of design thinking

This high energy workshop will give participants an understanding of the design thinking principles, mind-sets, tools and terminologies. The focus will be on giving participants a hands-on experience of using the different tools.


A 2-day immersive program with an inbuilt design challenge

A high energy, deep-dive experience that combines hands-on learning of the design thinking principles, mind-sets, tools and terminology with personal transformation. Participants immerse themselves in exciting design challenges with a diverse team within the organisation. The purpose of this program is to equip participants with powerful design tools and methods that enable them to reach their professional and personal goals.


A customised immersive 9-16 week Design Thinking program

Organizations are often facing unstructured, multi-layered and 'wicked' problems. Eclectic teams work in collaboration on real-time organizational challenges towards innovative solutions. This program can help to mitigate risk, manage change, use resources more effectively, bridge the communication gap and manage the competing demands of diverse stakeholders. In the process, one can improve the quality of products, services and end user experience



LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a methodology created by the LEGO® Group that uses LEGO® bricks to explore ideas to enhance innovation, business performance, strategies, goal setting, vision sharing and building systems models amongst hordes of other possibilities. Our workshops are customised for specific requirements, are highly convergent and outcome driven.

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From Ideas to Action

Bring ideas to life through this hand-on workshop on ideation and prototyping


Leading for Creativity

Get your teams and organization discover creative ways to work on different challenges


Insights for Innovation

See the world differently and solve problems in new and innovative ways with this deep discovery workshop


Strategy and Collaboration

Productive collaboration bringing together individuals to add value to other employees and the company as a whole


Change Mindset

Overcome limiting self beliefs and systems to adopt a new growth mindset


Develop LifeSkills

Understand and enhance Thinking, Social & Emotional skills for professional & personal development