Design Thinking (DT) is a powerful tool to tackle the unstructured & the unknown. DT is a ‘human centred’ approach to problem solving which emerged at Stanford in the 1960’s primarily as a systematic, immersive approach to product design. In recent years, it was found that these approaches can be extended to a wider category of ill-structured, real world problems, both in emerging and developed markets alike.

Design Thinking helps to –
  •     -Identify opportunities with a change driven mindset
  •     -Generate innovative solutions for complex, ill-defined problems
  •     -Immerse deep into an iterative, user-focused design process to ensure your solutions are truly relevant to your target audience
  •     -Initiate a work culture based on customer needs & wants to create holistic & sustainable customer value

Open Programs in Select Cities


– A day long workshop on fundamentals of design thinking.
This high energy day long workshop will give participants an understanding of the design thinking principles, mind-sets, tools, methods and terminology. The focus will be on giving participants a hands-on experience of using the different tools.


– A two day immersive program with inbuilt design challenge.
design.NEXT is a highly engaging , deep-dive experience that combines hands-on learning of the design thinking principles, mind-sets, tools, methods and terminology with personal transformation. Participants immerse themselves in exciting design challenges with a diverse team within the organisation. The purpose of this program is to equip participants with powerful design tools and methods that enable them to reach their professional and personal goals.

On-site Programs

Corporate Offerings

-Capability Development -Consulting Services -Know more – hyperlinked to corporate page

Institute Offerings

A two day immersive program with inbuilt design challenge

Our Journey So Far

Facilitated more than 5000 participants since our inception in early 2016
The participants have been from various sectors like - Education, Manufacturing, Banking, Financial Services, Consulting, IT, Media, NGO, Retail etc.
Our rapidly growing client base spans a wide range of industries and include large Multi Nationals, Private Sector, PSU, Social Sector and Educational Institutions
We also conduct
'Innovation & Design Thinking' courses & MDPs for several leading management schools & engineering colleges