Educational institutes across the world are facing challenges every single day, from curricula, systems, processes & space. These challenges are extremely real, complex, and varied. Hence, educators require to develop newer perspectives, tools, approaches.
Students, along with the curriculum learning, need to develop clear thinking & problem solving abilities, empathy , confidence and a sense of purpose to become successful and become truly future ready.
Mobius programs aim to enhance capabilities for both the stakeholders in a classroom – the educators and the students.

OUR Programs

Fundamentals of Design Thinking

A day-long design thinking workshop.

This day long engaging and experiential workshop helps students understand the process of observation, ideation and prototyping – basic methods of design thinking. The workshop comes up with an in built design challenge enabling them to put their learning into action.


A nine-week design thinking and innovation course.

This nine-week course is designed for students of ages 14 and above. This course is led by pre-selected educators who facilitate the program. Students get to work in collaboration on a real time design challenge there by learning to empathise, identify a problem and think creatively towards a feasible solution. This course comprises of:
i. Train the facilitators program
ii. Resources for effective in-class facilitation
iii. Pre crafted Design Challenges for students
iv. Evaluation parameters

Foundations of Design Thinking

A day-long workshop to build creative confidence

This day long workshop is designed to introduce participants to the concepts of design thinking and how this approach can be used to create innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions. The focus of the program is on creating conditions, systems, structures and processes that support new ideas and actions through collective effort.


An immersive five-week design thinking program

This 5-week course contains the process and methods of design thinking along with live Design Challenges. It offers new ways to be intentional and collaborative when designing, and empowers educators to create impactful & innovative solutions to education, whether it’s about developing tools, environments, or curricula that enable more engaging learning experiences; transforming schools, programs, and institutions; or addressing systemic challenges that affect education-at- large. This course comprises of:
i. 6 – 8 hours of in class learning
ii. Group assignments on a real time design challenge for 4 weeks (2hr/week)
iii. Final submission & evaluation